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Nigeria: Our Dilemma Suits Us

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Nigeria being the giant of Africa is now a myth but once a dream. All we see now are relics of what was to be.

Culture, folk tales and lies passed on through generations are nurtured and preserved. That’s why an old man sits on his wooden chair; expecting you to lie down on dirt because you’d need to summon the gods of blessing in an exchange for a single sunup pleasantry and you oblige regardless of the fact that you might wish him dead.

Any form of lax will be totally misused; That’s why breeding by humans through conventional means is applauded and seriously abused. Procreation can support 13 offsprings and the mother expecting with one more.

A real Nigerian is not that person who   swindles you; a real Nigerian is an uncommon individual with a unique stamp, likes his music because of the calm the rhythm gives and doesn’t feel obligated to make you accept his beliefs.

If they take from you; they’d give you more than you’d ever need. They’d definitely succeed at anything because they are good at everything; they are slow to anger but have an efficient reprisal approach.

However, Nigeria orchestrated its woes. The loathe for yourselves goes beyond imagine.  Now you’re threatened with rain when you want a fine weather. So, you grapple with bad luck or ruin. Your sadness is a fleeting expression as long as you have an emoticon.

You’re exasperated! Your best days are not seen with the mind’s eye. No utopia awaits you. This is your utopia and what do you do with it? You turn into a war carnival of despair, poverty, prejudice, violence and greed.

You live out your days following a pattern of self-imposed culture, addicted various forms of frivolities and fake news on social media.

You elect irresponsible and corrupt individuals just for the fun of it; politicians who regurgitates you and swallow you back every time.

You worship social media deities, con artists and corrupt individuals; following any pattern they publicize. You see a picture of a child on social media expressing deep sadness of societal ruins and everyone is on Facebook or Twitter trying to patronize themselves.

False preachers, social media “influencers” and self-acclaimed icons telling you who to be, where to be, what to be, when to be, how to be, how to love, who to love, what to eat, what to wear, who you worship. How long do we continue in this travesty?

We are docile, complacent and ignorant and our figure heads are only better at it than us. Our minds are affixed on our devices waiting to comment on the latest posts, holding on to the myths of our own greatness.

Nigeria being the giant of Africa is now a myth but once a dream. All we see now are relics of what was to be.

Our dilemma suits us

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