The United Kingdom Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) has exonerated Nigerian-born medical doctor and social media influencer, Olufunmilayo Ogunsanya, of rape and abusive relationship allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, Bola Aseyan, in 2020.

Mr. Ogunsanya, who had earned his degree in Nigeria before pursuing his medical studies in the UK, faced serious accusations on social media, including rape, domestic abuse, and mental torture. Despite admitting his involvement with Ms Aseyan, he firmly denied the rape and abusive charges, providing evidence to defend himself.

The UK Police investigated the matter and found no evidence of wrongdoing, and a referral to the General Medical Council was also investigated before reaching the MPTS.

After extensive inquiry, the MPTS cleared Mr. Ogunsanya of all the allegations, stating that there was no evidence of misconduct. Consequently, his professional record and ability to practice medicine in the UK remained unharmed.

Mr. Ogunsanya’s lawyer in Nigeria, Inibehe Effiong, revealed that Ms Aseyan is currently facing both civil and criminal lawsuits in Nigeria for her uncorroborated and defamatory allegations. Mr. Ogunsanya expressed gratitude to those who supported him throughout the ordeal, emphasizing that false rape allegations should never be trivialized.