Nigerian driving sensation and king Jamus Bashar Muhammad has urge the government To support motorsport particularly drift driving and talked about the difficulties faced by drift drivers.

Speaking recently Jaybash said “in other parts of the world, drift racing is quickly becoming one of the most popular motorsports disciplines, and this popularity is causing increased gender based and geographical barriers”.

While “in a country like Nigeria, the difficulties of living in a confined space are not the only obstacles that drifters must overcome. Another aspect to deal with is discouragement and a lot of negativity from the people”.

Jaybash, a well-known name in the Nigerian motorsport industry, spoke about the difficulties he faces as a drift driver.

“One of the most difficult challenges I’ve faced is lack of support; most people around here regard this career as a risk and a waste of money. They essentially label it as suicide. As a result, many people oppose it. But I’m glad that the younger generation are starting to give in a little bit to it”, he mentioned.

He continued, “In Nigeria It is considered as a journey that leads nowhere especially because of the unavailability of sponsorship.It is extremely difficult to find sponsorship in Nigeria”

Despite having come this far in achieving his dream of becoming a car drifter, he still faces many challenges in the environment in which he grew up. Jaybash is dedicated to changing the narratives of the past, as well as the bad names and negative intuition associated with car drifting.

Jamus Bashar Muhammad alias Jaybash have participated in many of car drifting events, including the Fanfaro Autofest — a competition he describes as “Nigeria’s biggest drifting tournament.