Clarifying Misinformation:

The Nigerian Mission in Niger Republic has categorically refuted recent videos circulating online that suggest the Nigerian Chancery building in the capital, Niamey, was set ablaze by enraged pro-junta supporters. Dr. Liti Auwalu, speaking on behalf of the Nigerian ambassador to Niger, issued a statement dismissing these videos as false and called on the general public to disregard them.

Supporters of the junta have taken to the streets, expressing solidarity with the coup plotters who continue to defy international sanctions imposed upon them.

The statement from the Nigerian Mission emphasized, “We have become aware of fabricated videos depicting the chancery building in Niamey engulfed in flames, being circulated across various social media platforms. We wish to clarify that while there was an attempt by protesters to access the embassy on July 30, 2023, swift intervention by the Nigerien military and police effectively managed the situation.”

The Nigerian embassy underscored that the Chancery building is currently under robust protection by the Nigerien military and other security agencies. The statement reinforces the message that the disseminated videos are deceptive and lacks authenticity. Consequently, the public is urged to dismiss such misleading content.

As committed purveyors of accurate information, we will continue to follow this evolving story, providing you with timely updates on the situation in Niger Republic. Stay tuned for further developments on this matter.