A team of Nigerian researchers has made significant strides in tackling hunger, poverty, quality education, and responsible consumption and production. The researchers, consisting of esteemed lecturers from Nigerian academia, public higher institutions, and Innov8 Hub, have developed four remarkable prototypes under the Research for Impact (R4i) initiative, supported by TETFund.


Introducing the ‘Gimbaliya’: A Futuristic Floating House


One of the standout prototypes, named “Gimbaliya,” created by Team 2 (‘No Poverty’), showcases a fascinating concept—a floating house constructed with lightweight materials capable of floating on water. This innovative solution holds great potential for areas prone to flooding and could revolutionize sustainable living.


Other Groundbreaking Prototypes to Transform Society


Team 1 (‘Responsible Consumption and Production’) has developed a smart grain storage solution to safeguard crops from pest infestation, ensuring safe consumption. Team 3 (‘Zero Hunger’) has designed an Automated Ultrasonic Solar-Powered Sprayer and eco-friendly bio-pesticides to combat pests, aligning with SDG 2-Zero Hunger. Lastly, Team 4 (‘Quality Education’) presents ‘E-Access,’ a mobile application catering to lecturers and students, facilitating the sharing of lecture materials seamlessly.


Driving Innovation and Impactful Change


During the closing ceremony of the workshop, Arch. Sonny Echono, the executive secretary of TETFund, urged the participants to become change agents in their institutions. Emphasizing the importance of impactful education, he encouraged the researchers to set personal goals, ignore distractions, and make valuable contributions to society.


Paving the Way for a Resilient Future


The Research for Impact Initiative addresses Nigeria’s pressing challenges, recognizing the need for forward-thinking solutions. With Nigeria’s growing population and increasing demands, fostering innovation and equipping individuals with the necessary tools is crucial. The culmination of this workshop represents a significant milestone towards creating a better future for all.

Acknowledging Excellence and Support


Dr. Obichi Obiajunwa, the chief facilitator of the R4i workshop, applauded the participants’ dedication and highlighted the role of innovation in driving progress. He emphasized that their newfound knowledge and skills would not only enhance their abilities but also enrich the academic landscape of their universities. Dr. Obiajunwa expressed gratitude to TETFund for their unwavering support and guidance in promoting research excellence and fostering a culture of innovation in Nigeria.