Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume, the Senate Chief Whip, has hinted at potential significant measures in response to Senate President God’swill Akpabio’s recent revelation regarding funds transferred to lawmakers’ bank accounts for their vacations. This disclosure has ignited public criticism, with accusations of senators benefiting excessively from national resources.

The disclosure has sparked public outcry, with many Nigerians expressing concerns about perceived financial indulgence by senators at the cost of the national treasury. In response, some lawmakers have clarified that they received a modest N2 million as a leave allowance, countering the notion of an extravagant sum.

Senator Ndume, in an interview with the BBC Hausa Service, has pointed fingers at Akpabio for the resulting uproar. He highlighted that Akpabio’s statement has painted senators as receiving special or substantial funds, unnecessarily stirring controversy. Ndume emphasized that the N2 million allowance is in line with customary practices, comparable to standard annual leave bonuses for employees.

Challenging the notion of impropriety, Ndume questioned the significance of receiving N2 million as a senator, stating, “What’s the big deal if I receive N2 million allowance in my capacity as a Senator?” He further criticized Akpabio for lack of discretion and warned of potential repercussions if such behavior continues.

Ndume has indicated possible “drastic action” against Akpabio if unguarded statements persist, which he believes undermine the Senate’s dignity. Ndume’s sentiments echo the broader concern among senators about preserving the legislative body’s reputation and integrity.

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