The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) and the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) have joined hands to tackle delays and streamline the passport collection process, bringing relief to many impatient passport holders.

During a recent visit to the NIS Service Command Headquarters in Abuja, the Postmaster General of the Federation and CEO of NIPOST, Rt. Hon. Adeyemi Sunday Adepoju, unveiled the collaborative strategies devised by both organizations. The aim is to leverage NIPOST’s integrated service delivery model, which incorporates various government services, to create a convenient one-stop shop experience for citizens across selected post office locations nationwide.

Under this innovative arrangement, the NIS will tap into the vast NIPOST infrastructure for efficient passport collection. Additionally, the postal network will be transformed into an e-Fulfillment center, playing a crucial role in bolstering the digital economy.

Adepoju emphasized that this collaboration entails establishing a sustainable and integrated framework for e-Passports, providing courier services, and ensuring address verification validation. By harmonizing various e-government initiatives and consolidating efforts, NIPOST aims to enhance productivity and synergy with the NIS.

In response, the Acting Comptroller General of Immigration, Caroline Wura-Ola Adepoju, praised NIPOST for their groundbreaking Address Verification System (AVS), which is a significant milestone in identity management. She also lauded the development of a standardized Digital Postcode System, which will contribute to a smoother passport issuance process. The partnership between NIPOST and NIS will not only strengthen their bond but also cultivate strategic methods to fulfill their mandate to the Nigerian people.

The collaboration holds the promise of addressing the challenges faced by Nigerians during passport registration. It seeks to reduce the waiting period for biometric data capture and make the entire passport processing experience seamless and faster. The goal is to alleviate the frustrations often associated with obtaining a passport, offering much-needed relief to Nigerians.

Both the Postmaster General and the Acting Comptroller General have agreed to develop a comprehensive framework for their ongoing working relationship, ensuring the sustained success of their joint efforts. With this partnership, the days of prolonged waits for passport collection are numbered, as efficiency and speed take center stage.