The Governorship Candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Hon. Uche Ben Odunzeh, has made a resolute pledge to put an end to the alarming rate of killings among Imo youths if elected as the state governor.

Expressing deep concern over the prevailing wave of senseless killings in the state, the Governorship Candidate emphasized that his administration would prioritize the eradication of all forms of insecurity in Imo state.

Hon. Odunzeh unveiled unemployment and insincerity within the government as significant factors exacerbating the state’s insecurity. He affirmed that his administration would address the issue of unemployment head-on.


“The rise in unemployment among the youths, coupled with the insincerity of those in government, has fueled the prevailing insecurity. People resort to criminal activities due to the lack of social and economic opportunities. However, our government will combat unemployment by creating a massive number of jobs,” he stated.


He further emphasized the untapped potential in agriculture and the creative industry, asserting that his administration would leverage these sectors to provide gainful employment opportunities for the youth.


“We are committed to restoring the security of lives and properties of Ndi-Imo. We will spare no effort in achieving this objective,” he added.

Condemning the escalating insecurity in the state, Hon. Odunzeh called upon the Imo state Governor to exhibit proactive leadership in addressing the killings of Imo youths and bringing an end to the crisis.

Additionally, he appealed to President Bola Tinubu to intervene in the reckless killings in Imo state, as the situation is rapidly spiraling out of control with each passing day.