Tension reached its peak in the serene Oghior community, situated in Delta State’s Udu Local Government Area, as suspected oil bunkerers clashed with security operatives in a dramatic gunfight.


In a bizarre turn of events, the suspected oil bunkerers allegedly chased away the local vigilantes from the community and even went as far as setting ablaze their security post at Oghior junction.


Deeply concerned about the menace posed by these audacious hoodlums, the community is calling for urgent intervention from the state and federal government.


According to reliable sources, the security operatives had apprehended a truck carrying suspicious crude oil, with its owner leading them to the Oghior depot where the illicit product was stored.


Eyewitnesses reported, “The arrested suspect guided the security operatives to the community, where the hoodlums had already blocked the entrance. A fierce shootout erupted between the police and the brazen criminals.”


“The security operatives found themselves pinned down for an excruciating two hours until the timely arrival of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) from Ovwian division. With the combined effort of local vigilantes and the police, they managed to rescue their comrades after a heavy exchange of gunfire,” the source revealed.


During the intense gun duel, the hoodlums brandished sophisticated weapons, and one of the suspected bunkerers ended up with gunshot wounds to both legs before being apprehended by the police.


Chairman of the local vigilante, Mr. Wisdom Umukoro, shared their harrowing ordeal, stating, “Last Friday, we were manning our checkpoint when the DPO from Ovwian station arrived and mobilized us to accompany him to the community.”


“On our way, the armed boys launched an audacious attack on the police, resulting in a fierce shootout. In the chaos, the handcuffed suspect managed to escape with the assistance of the hoodlums within the community.”


“After the police departed, the gang led by one Asharp launched a brutal assault on us. My son, Favour Umukoro, 23, and another member of our team were viciously beaten and sustained injuries. We were helpless as they were heavily armed.”


“This isn’t the first time; these hoodlums have clashed with the military in a shootout. A few months ago, their bunkering camps and depot were demolished.”


“After their previous encounter with the military, they disappeared into the bush but resumed their illegal activities before this recent shootout with the police.”


“At present, we have been forced out of our homes and are speaking to you from our hideout. Our properties have been destroyed. Whenever these boys are arrested, influential leaders, chiefs, and politicians often secure their bail.”


“During Asharp’s previous arrest, a former commissioner, whose identity we cannot disclose, intervened to secure his release, and this is the aftermath of that bail. As we speak, the president-general of the community is on the run to avoid arrest.”


Confirming the incident, Delta DSP Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Bright Edafe, stated, “We have two suspects in custody, and they will soon be charged to court.”


This uproarious showdown in Delta’s Oghior community showcases the clash of wits and bullets between suspected oil bunkerers and tenacious security operatives. The tale highlights the urgent need for intervention to combat the menace caused by these audacious hoodlums, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community and its residents.