According to the international online magazine, The Guardian “Black market fuel made from stolen oil in rudimentary “bush” refineries hidden deep in the creeks* and *swamps of the Niger delta is less polluting than the highly toxic diesel and petrol that Europe exports to Nigeria, new laboratory analysis has found.

Shell, Exxon, Chevron and other major oil companies extract and export up to 2m barrels a day of high quality, low sulphur “Bonny Light” crude from the Niger delta. But very little of this oil is refined in the country because its four state-owned refineries are dysfunctional or have closed.

Instead, international dealers export to Nigeria around 900,000 tonnes a year of low-grade, “dirty” fuel, made in *Dutch, Belgian* and other European refineries, They found that on average the fuel exceeded EU pollution limits by as much as 204 times, and by 43 times the level for gasoline.

I thought Black lives matter in Nigeria 🤔

Contribution from George United State.


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