Parents of the nine cadets unjustly dismissed from the 67 Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) have made a heartfelt plea to President Bola Tinubu, urging him to intervene and instruct the Minister of Defense and the service chiefs to uphold the court judgment that calls for their reinstatement. The Federal High Court in Kaduna had ruled on May 18, 2023, ordering the NDA to compensate the cadets for their wrongful dismissal in 2019.


The court judgment unequivocally stated that the actions of Major General I.M. Yusuf and the NDA in withdrawing the cadets from the academy after their graduation and participation in the Passing-Out Parade were unconstitutional, discriminatory, and a violation of their right to fair trial. The court mandated the immediate reinstatement of the dismissed cadets, along with the payment of their entitlements and the awarding of their degree certificates.


Regrettably, despite the court’s ruling and the subsequent recommendation by the House of Representatives, neither the Minister of Defense nor the NDA has taken steps to implement these decisions and rectify the grave injustice done to these cadets. This has left the parents frustrated and compelled them to turn to President Tinubu for assistance.


Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim Daura, the Maradin Daura of Katsina state and spokesperson for the parents, expressed disappointment in the lack of action taken by the authorities. He highlighted Lt. Col. Yusuf Dodo, the former Academy Adjutant of the NDA, as the person responsible for orchestrating the dismissal of their innocent children. Alhaji Daura implored the Minister of Defense and the service chiefs to thoroughly investigate the matter and hold Lt. Col. Dodo accountable for his actions, emphasizing that they possess substantial evidence to support their claims.


The parents emphasized the urgency of the situation, as their children have endured two years of suffering and have been deprived of the opportunity to serve their country as they intended. They called upon President Tinubu, known for his respect for the resolutions of the National Assembly, to intervene and bring justice to their children. They underscored the importance of allowing their children to return to the NDA and complete the course they are passionate about, so they can fulfill their dream of serving the nation.


The parents voiced their disappointment in the Nigerian Army’s failure to respond to the resolutions made by the National Assembly and the court’s judgment. They appealed for President Tinubu’s intervention to prevent their children from languishing on the streets and to ensure that they can contribute to the country they hold dear. These parents have endured immense sacrifices in raising their children to defend the nation, and now they implore the president to come to their rescue and rectify the injustice inflicted upon their innocent sons and daughters.