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Perks of Being a Nigerian

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I am a Nigerian and somewhere inside of me, I feel special. Forget about the socio-political issue we have as often as we see on TV. Or the terrors we face even among the African continent.

Naturally, a typical Nigerian is wired to withstand harsh conditions that breed the mindset that “last last, everything go dey alright”. It’s because of this hopeful futuristic mentality that every stratum of life has to be at the pace of a tortoise.

Although we have a poor reputation, we can boast of international identity. Some people may say we are ambitious or aggressive but my brother, when you understand what it really means to be poor; you will understand and respect the struggle.

Asides from being intelligent, resourceful, and innovative, but because of the satirical structure of the environment and society, we have highly intellectually criminals who could have been made better and thus an asset to the society. Here’s the irony, these “criminals” are to an extent, the product of the real criminals in power.

Being a Nigerian means that if you easily learn languages, on average, you get to speak two or three languages at most including English or Pidgin. This is applicable to those who travel for business, school, work or pleasure. It’s easy to relate with someone from your tribe or familiar because of shared beliefs, culture, or even, family compound

Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world. The love for God is so inbuilt that when you officially resume for work, you’d still have to attend morning devotion with colleagues. A lecturer receives bribe from a student and asks his hand in prayer for God’s blessing and guidance. The love for God is quite fantastic. For God’s sake, we are religious.

I love my country but bedazzled by the fact that foreigners see opportunity in our land in areas of human and natural resources meanwhile its citizens see the hopeless state of affairs. A person accumulates wealth enough to go to the grave to build a mansion in the beyond but forgets that there was nothing impactful done to the poor people of their community. So what exactly is the purpose of the excessive wealth for now with no eternal guarantee?

Somehow, we love ourselves but don’t often tend to show it until a shared tragedy is a reason to. We are a happy people and this is for a fact. Even amidst chaos, suffering, and troubles, who celebrates more than us? This is typical among the Yoruba’s. We celebrate life, hope and a better tomorrow because that’s who we are.

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