The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 44-year-old drink seller named Taue Abass for allegedly using her 10-year-old niece as a drug courier in Lagos. Abass reportedly admitted to using the young girl to transport drugs from her home to where she sells them, as she believed that no one would suspect a small girl.

The spokesperson for the police command, Ben Hundeyin, shared this information during the suspect’s parade at the Police Command in Ikeja. The incident came to light when the niece was found on the streets and brought to the Pen Cinema Police Division in Agege.

Hundeyin explained that the divisional police officer directed the girl to bathe, but during this process, the police discovered a substance suspected to be a drug called Colorado concealed in the minor’s underwear. Further investigation revealed that this had been an ongoing practice, prompting the police to extend their inquiry to the suspect’s residence.

According to Hundeyin, the suspect admitted to the allegations, acknowledging that she had been using her niece to courier drugs from her home to the shop where she sold them, in an attempt to avoid police checks. The police spokesperson emphasized that the suspect’s actions were a significant concern and were being brought to the public’s attention.

The girl is set to be reunited with her family, while the suspect will face prosecution for her involvement in the illegal activity.