Niger State Police have successfully recovered stolen and vandalized electric armoured cables and a transformer in Mawogi Forest, located in the Lapai local government area. The actions of vandals had plunged the communities in the area into months of darkness, causing significant inconvenience to residents.

Wasiu Abiodun, the spokesperson for the Niger State Police Command, stated that the recovery was made possible through credible information received by the police regarding the vandalism and theft of the armoured cable from an electric transformer in Mawogi village via Lapai. Police officers from the Lapai division, in collaboration with community members, conducted a search in the nearby forest and discovered the stolen materials. Unfortunately, the suspects managed to escape from the scene before they could be apprehended.

During the search operation, the police recovered various items, including a Ford Galaxy vehicle with registration number KWB 670 AA, the vandalized transformer, the stolen armoured cable, an industrial bolt cutter, a metal bar, and bags containing clothes and foodstuff. These items have been safely evacuated and are now in police custody. The police have initiated an investigation with the aim of identifying and arresting the vandals responsible for the theft and vandalism.

The spokesperson further stated that Commissioner of Police Ogundele Ayodeji expressed his appreciation to the community for their cooperation and partnership with the police, which ultimately led to the successful recovery of the stolen items. The collaborative efforts between law enforcement and the community demonstrate the importance of working together to combat criminal activities and maintain security.

In conclusion, the recovery of the stolen electric armoured cable and transformer in Mawogi Forest is a significant achievement for the Niger State Police. The collaboration between the police and the local community played a vital role in ensuring the successful outcome of the operation. The police are determined to continue their investigation to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice, thus sending a strong message that criminal activities will not be tolerated in the area