In the midst of the ongoing scandal surrounding Davido’s alleged impregnation of Anita Brown, a new twist has emerged. Ivanna Bay, a French lady, has taken to social media to reveal that she too is pregnant with Davido’s child. The shocking revelation has caused a frenzy on social media platforms, further fueling the already scandalous situation.


Ivanna chose to share her side of the story through her Instagram Stories, where she made the unexpected announcement. Although the Stories have been removed, a screen recording by Tosin Silverdam captured the moment Ivanna displayed a positive pregnancy test result, along with screenshots of her conversations with the singer, which have since gone viral.


The conversations reveal that Davido was informed about the pregnancy, and Ivanna expressed her intention to terminate it. These revelations have intensified the controversy surrounding Davido’s alleged involvement with multiple women and their claims of pregnancy.


As the saga continues to unfold, social media remains abuzz with discussions and debates regarding Davido’s alleged actions and the credibility of the women involved. The viral nature of this story has brought it to the forefront of public attention, captivating audiences worldwide.