What’s the perfect recipe for a rainy day if not chicken pepper soup so hot your man will become a second option for a little steam to shake the cold away, it’s also perfect for nursing mothers according to our experienced mothers and well, of course, the internet.

It’s a tasty delicacy that can be served on any occasion and with the combination of plantain, it becomes a more irresistible meal for friends and family.

So let start with the INGREDIENTS;

• Full chicken depends thou just make do with what you can afford

• Slightly ripe or unripe plantain.

• Pepper

• Uziza seeds

• one bulb Onion

• Pepper soup spice and seasoning

• Turmeric (optional)

• Mint leaves or scent leaves

• Salt to taste


  • Chop and wash the chicken, blend onion, pepper, uziza, and turmeric together and pour into the chicken add seasoning, water, and salt to taste allow to simmer for 10 mins on low heat.
  • Peel wash and slice the plantain into bits add into the pot of boiling chicken then also add your pepper soup seasoning stir and allow to cook for 20 minutes or until plantain and chicken are tender or soft.

It’s important that the water is slighting over the content in the pot, taste for seasoning make and adjustments if necessary then finally add your scent leave stir and your meal is ready.



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