From Storm to Museum: Sierra Leonean President Announces Preservation of Famous Cotton Tree

Sierra Leonean President Julius Maada Bio has unveiled plans to preserve parts of the iconic cotton tree, which recently fell during a storm in the capital city of Freetown. Recognizing its significance as a symbol of the nation’s history, the president has emphasized the need to immortalize this remarkable tree.

Preserving the Past: Sierra Leone Sets Out to Protect Centuries-Old Cotton Tree

Highlighting the profound cultural and historical value of the fallen cotton tree, President Bio has assigned the task of preservation to the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. This initiative aims to honor the shared heritage of Sierra Leone and ensure that future generations can connect with their roots.

A Symbol of Liberty: Sierra Leone Mourns Loss of Beloved Cotton Tree

President Bio expressed deep sorrow over the loss of the revered cotton tree, which served as a powerful symbol of liberty for early settlers and is even featured on Sierra Leonean banknotes. The fallen giant stood tall for an estimated 400 years, leaving behind a legacy deeply ingrained in the nation’s collective memory.

Historic Landmarks Unite: Cotton Tree and Freedom Steps Commemorate Sierra Leone’s Past

In close proximity to the fallen cotton tree lies the Freedom Steps, climbed by newly freed slaves who sought solace and offered prayers at the majestic tree before establishing their homes in Freetown. This conjunction of two historic landmarks serves as a testament to Sierra Leone’s journey towards freedom and resilience.