President Biden found himself in the midst of a fiery exchange with a reporter during a recent event when questioned about the FBI document that referred to him as “the Big Guy” in connection to an alleged bribery scheme. New York Post reporter Steven Nelson dared to ask the question that had been on many minds, and Biden’s response was far from diplomatic.

In response to Nelson’s inquiry, Biden fired back, questioning the intelligence of the question itself before his staff intervened, swiftly ending the confrontation. The mention of “the Big Guy” in the FBI document has raised eyebrows and fueled speculation surrounding the president’s involvement in a purported $5 million payment from a Ukrainian gas firm to then-Vice President Biden, with his son Hunter Biden serving on the company’s board.

The FD-1023 form, originating from a confidential human source’s interview with the FBI in June 2020, sheds light on alleged meetings and conversations between the source and a prominent Burisma executive, spanning several years. While Fox News Digital has not directly viewed the form, multiple reliable sources have described its contents. It should be noted that the White House has consistently dismissed these allegations as baseless.

An FD-1023 form serves as a medium for FBI agents to record unverified information from confidential sources. Although it captures details as narrated to the agents, it does not independently validate or corroborate the information against other known facts. In this case, the document’s reference to “the Big Guy” has been linked to President Biden.

According to reports, the Burisma executive supposedly stated that the payment was not made directly to “the Big Guy.” These revelations prompted the House Oversight Committee to subpoena the FD-1023 document. After some negotiation and the looming threat of holding FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt, the committee gained access to the document for its members to review in a secure setting on Capitol Hill. The committee’s ongoing investigation focuses on the business dealings of the Biden family.

Throughout this controversy, the White House has maintained that President Biden has never participated in his son’s business affairs and has never engaged in discussions pertaining to them.