In a surprising turn of events, operatives from Tanita Security Services, a private security firm, successfully intercepted a vessel suspected of carrying stolen crude oil in Delta State. The vessel, named MT PRAISEL, was reportedly being escorted by a Nigerian Navy boat, led by a commander, at the time of interception.

The incident occurred in the Koko area of Delta State. Despite encountering resistance from the Nigerian Navy boat, the determined Tantita operatives held their ground, supported by the National Security Adviser (NSA) and the Chief of Naval Staff (CNS). Ultimately, the Tantita operatives managed to take the suspicious vessel into custody.

The vessel, which was flying the flag of Togo, had aroused suspicion due to intelligence indicating its involvement in the theft of crude oil. Upon attempting to board the vessel, the Tantita operatives were met with resistance from the Navy boat’s Commander, who threatened decisive action against them. However, the intervention of the NSA and CNS ultimately led to the authorization for the private security firm to take custody of the vessel.

Commodore Adedotun Ayo-Vaughan, the spokesperson for the Nigerian Navy, confirmed that a statement regarding the incident would be issued in due course.

This unprecedented incident highlights the complexities surrounding maritime security and the determination of private security firms to collaborate with national authorities in safeguarding valuable resources and maintaining law and order.