Residents of Trademore Estate in Abuja’s Lugbe area took to the streets in protest against the Federal Capital Development Authority’s (FCDA) decision to demolish their buildings. The FCDA had announced plans to demolish structures on waterways within the estate and other areas across the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). According to the FCDA, these structures disrupt the natural water flow, leading to flooding in various parts of the city.


The move to demolish the structures follows a recent flood incident that resulted in the loss of lives, extensive damage to houses, vehicles, shops, and other properties within Trademore Estate. However, the protesting residents expressed their dissatisfaction, emphasizing that many of them are still paying mortgages on their homes. They strongly oppose the FCT authorities’ plan to demolish their structures.


During the protest, Adewale Adenaike, the chairman of the residents association, highlighted that the residents of Trademore Estate have become victims of the flooding caused by the diversion of numerous water channels and tributaries into their community. He further explained that these diversions were made to accommodate other estates, but the government agencies responsible should have ensured that the water was diverted away from Trademore.


The residents are seeking intervention from the relevant authorities to address the flooding issue without resorting to demolitions. They believe that proper channeling and redirection of the water flow can alleviate the flooding problem while preserving their homes and investments. The protest serves as a collective plea to prioritize alternative solutions that would safeguard the residents’ livelihoods and ensure their well-being.