In an extraordinary effort to heal the strained relationship between Igbos and Yorubas in Lagos, Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State and his Lagos State counterpart, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, have taken decisive action by establishing a dedicated committee focused on brokering peace.

This groundbreaking reconciliation committee represents a pivotal step taken during a recent meeting held to address the escalating tensions between Igbos, who reside and conduct businesses in Lagos, and their Yoruba neighbors.

After a productive dialogue between the Lagos State Government and South East Governments, a crucial communique was issued, affirming the formation of a peace and reconciliation committee. The committee’s purpose is to defuse hostilities and foster harmony between these vibrant groups.

Governor Sanwo-Olu has wholeheartedly endorsed this initiative on behalf of the Lagos State Government, while Governor Uzodimma has affixed his signature, representing the South East.

As a testament to the commitment towards rebuilding trust, the communique explicitly called for the suspension of demolitions at Alaba International Market. Furthermore, a review committee will be established to ensure that only non-violating structures face demolition.

Recognizing the importance of fairness and justice, the communique also stated that compensations will be provided for any wrongful demolitions that have occurred at Alaba International Market. Additionally, the taxes, rates, and demand notices imposed on Igbo real estate developers will be meticulously evaluated, aiming to prevent exorbitant charges that may seem targeted or punitive.

To ensure a sustainable and lasting resolution, the communique emphasized the establishment of effective communication channels and robust engagement with organized Igbo leadership in Lagos. This approach draws inspiration from the successful tenures of Governors Tinubu, Fashola, and Ambode, which garnered extensive support from the Igbo community.

Acknowledging the spirit of solidarity, the communique expressed that Igbos harbor no ill feelings towards President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Governor Sanwo-Olu. They reaffirmed their unwavering support for both leaders, fostering a sense of unity and inclusiveness within the community.

By undertaking this historic reconciliation effort, Governors Uzodimma and Sanwo-Olu have embarked on a journey to bridge gaps, mend relationships, and reignite the bonds of brotherhood between Igbos and Yorubas in Lagos. The path to lasting harmony begins with understanding, communication, and a shared vision for a united and prosperous future.