A renewed cult war between rival groups in Auchi, Edo State, has resulted in the tragic deaths of at least four individuals. Violent clashes between the Black Axe and Supreme Vikings confraternities led to the fatal incidents, which occurred at different locations. The conflict reportedly began when a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member, believed to be associated with the Black Axe confraternity, was shot by a member of the Supreme Vikings. In a reprisal attack, a member of the Vikings group was killed, and three others lost their lives in separate incidents.


The cult-related killings took place on Saturday, June 24, escalating tensions between the rival groups. The clash between the Black Axe and Supreme Vikings confraternities has sparked concerns about the safety and security of the community in Auchi. The violence has claimed the lives of several individuals, further highlighting the need for urgent measures to address the issue.


The initial incident occurred when a suspected NYSC member affiliated with the Black Axe confraternity was shot by a member of the rival Supreme Vikings Confraternity. The injured NYSC member received medical treatment and has since been discharged from the hospital. This incident acted as a catalyst for further violence and retaliation between the two factions.


In a subsequent reprisal attack, a member of the Supreme Vikings group was reportedly killed in the vicinity of Mr. Biggs in Jattu, Auchi. Additionally, three more individuals lost their lives in separate shootings at Mechanic Site, Vacchi, and Winners Road, all located in Auchi. The situation remains tense as the clashes between the rival cult groups continue to threaten the peace and security of the area.


Recent reports have also alleged the involvement of some lecturers from a polytechnic in cult activities, causing them to abandon the invigilation of SPAT examinations. However, Mrs. Adebola Ogunboyowa, the assistant public relations officer of the institution, refuted these claims, stating that the allegations were baseless. She emphasized that the polytechnic community had not been affected by the cult-related incidents and that the examinations had concluded as scheduled.



Efforts to obtain a response from the Edo State Police Command regarding the ongoing cult violence were unsuccessful. The situation calls for swift intervention from law enforcement agencies to restore peace and ensure the safety of residents in Auchi.