The House of Representatives has made the decision to launch an investigation into the alleged mismanagement of personnel recruitment, employment racketeering, and the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) by various ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs). This resolution followed the adoption of a motion presented by Hon. Oluwole Oke, a former chairman of the House Committee on Public Accounts, during the plenary session.


In his motion, Oke highlighted the existence of fraud within the system, which has facilitated the recruitment of ghost workers and has had detrimental effects on the government’s finances. He emphasized that the federal government of Nigeria has numerous MDAs that serve as the largest employers of labor in the country. The overhead costs associated with these public institutions constitute a significant portion of the federal government’s budget. Therefore, the employment in the federal public service plays a crucial role in the government’s social interventions, societal stability, poverty reduction efforts, and nationwide accessibility.


Oke stressed the importance of effectively managing the recruitment and payment processes for civil servants and public officers. He expressed concerns regarding the alleged mismanagement of personnel recruitment and the impact it has on the overall governance and financial stability of the government.


The House of Representatives’ decision to investigate these allegations signifies their commitment to ensuring transparency, accountability, and good governance. Through this investigation, they aim to identify and address any malpractices in personnel recruitment, employment racketeering, and the operation of the IPPIS. The findings from the investigation will enable the government to take appropriate measures to rectify any shortcomings and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the public service.