The House of Representatives has taken action to protect the academic pursuits of Nigerian medical students studying in Ukraine, amid challenges caused by the decision of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN). In response, the House has set up a Fact-Finding Committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding the MDCN’s decision and find lasting solutions for the affected students.

The motion, moved by Hons. Anthony Adebayo Adepoju and Najimdeen Oyeshina Oyedeji, highlighted the plight of Nigerian medical students studying in different Ukrainian universities. The MDCN announced on its Twitter handle that medical and dental degree certificates issued by Ukrainian medical schools from 2022 would not be recognized until normal academic activities resume in Ukraine. Additionally, the council stated that it would not recognize any online medical studies by Nigerian students in Ukraine or elsewhere. This decision has thrown the academic pursuits of thousands of Nigerian students into uncertainty and jeopardy, especially those who are currently on mandatory clinical attachment, which began in April 2022.

In another motion, the House addressed the support needed for discharged National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members in their transition to the labor market. The House urged the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, through the NYSC scheme, to collaborate with relevant ministries and develop a workable plan to retain corps members in their primary place of assignment (PPA) for one year after their mandatory service.

These actions by the House of Representatives aim to protect the interests of Nigerian medical students and discharged NYSC members, ensuring that they have opportunities for academic and career advancement.