In a shocking incident at the renowned Red Sea resort of Hurghada, a Russian citizen tragically lost his life after being attacked by a tiger shark while swimming at Dream Beach. The incident, captured on video by an eyewitness and shared with Reuters, shows the young man in his early 20s struggling in the water before being pulled beneath the surface by the shark.

Efforts to rescue the victim were hindered despite the prompt response from a nearby hotel’s lifeguard and the assistance of concerned onlookers. Tragically, they were unable to reach the man in time to prevent the fatal attack.

As a precautionary measure, Egypt’s environment ministry has imposed a temporary ban on swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports in the area for a period of two days, starting from Friday.

A specialized team managed to capture the shark responsible for the attack, and further investigations are underway to determine the motive behind this devastating incident.

The Russian Consul-General, Viktor Voropayev, identified the victim as V Yu Popov, clarifying that he had been residing in Egypt for an extended period and was not a tourist, according to Tass news agency. The consulate expressed heartfelt condolences to Popov’s family and friends, urging fellow Russians to exercise caution when engaging in water activities and to adhere to swimming and diving restrictions imposed by Egyptian authorities.


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