As we all are aware, Nigeria in the past few days has recorded a shoot in the total daily infection of Covid-19 with a second wave imminent. Before you head out ,here are specific safety tips for visiting different public places.


Before you eat at a restaurant, check the restaurant’s safety practices.

Are the employees wearing cloth face coverings, regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces and practicing social distancing?

Is there good ventilation?

Are tables set far enough apart from each other to allow for social distancing?

Are outdoor tables an option?

Is the menu digital or disposable?

When ordering takeout or you’re picking up your food at the restaurant, maintain social distancing while waiting in the pickup zone.

After bringing home your food, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

Churches and mosques

Before going to a place of worship, check to see if the size of gatherings is being limited and how that might affect your visit.

Seek out services held in large, well-ventilated areas or outdoors.

Continue social distancing during services.

Gyms– If you’re at higher risk of serious illness, you might consider waiting to return to the gym.

Ask if your gym offers virtual classes or training.

Salons -When making a hair or nail appointment, ask about safety measures. You might be required to attend your appointment alone, wash your hair at home to reduce traffic near the shampoo area, and wait in your car or outside until your appointment begins.

In addition, you might ask whether the salon is offering blow drying.

Eliminating blow drying could reduce the spread of germs.

Banks During visits to the bank, use the ATM, if possible.

Clean the ATM keyboard with a disinfecting wipe before using it. When you are done, apply hand sanitizer.

Wash your hands when you get home.







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