To the delight of millions of “Riverians”, APC politicians, stakeholders, activists and loyalists both within the state and beyond, Senator Magus Abe deftly succeeded in cutting the oversize ambitions and overreaching disposition of various political elites by his unpopular political structures in Rivers State putting paid to the erstwhile governor’s quest for continued relevance in the Treasure Base of the Nation.

Those who are conversant with Rivers State’s political history and social structure (and this writer is one of them though he was not encouraged, supported or given any incentive by any person or institution to pen this article) will no doubt note the dissimilarities between the two political giants; Senator Magnus Abe, erstwhile Secretary to the State Government of Rivers State, Member House of Assembly and two term Distinguished Senator representing Rivers East Senatorial Zone hails from a solidly upper middle class background, an acclaimed democratic populist beloved by the youths, women, professionals, unions, party activists and is a famed consensus builder who consults wide and near before taking decisions that impact on the welfare and wellbeing of his people.

In sharp contrast, he culled the crude appointment of the President of the state Customary Court of Appeal as Chief Judge of Rivers State despite the National Judicial Council’s advice to the contrary that led to a yearlong boycott of the courts by enraged lawyers under the auspices of the Rivers Branch of the NBA which crippled the administration of justice statewide with untold hardship, inconvenience and deprivation visited on litigants, lawyers, their families, relatives and dependents. Many lawyers had to resort to add jobs including driving taxis (kabu-kabu), selling second hand clothing, petty trading etc. to make ends meet while thousands of awaiting trial suspects languished in prisons with their files gathering dust in judicial offices statewide.


The objective of this curated write up is to highlight the incessant penchant for all political elites putting their personal interests, oversize ego and inordinate ambitions far and above the larger interests of society or the millions of citizens that he is/ or was privileged to govern and willing to subject the people to untold suffering, deprivation and even penury in furtherance of narrow self-seeking and self-aggrandizing ends.


Senator Magnus Abe triumph at the last polls was mostly as a result of the his popular appeal with the rank and file of the APC; indeed he is undoubtedly the most popular politician in Rivers State transcending all ethnic, religious, linguistic, sectional or partisan boundaries. His charisma, youthful good looks, affable personality, amiable demeanor, straight talking and principled disposition combined with his renowned generosity and unmatched benevolence has put him light years ahead of any other political rival or associate as far as Rivers State politics is concerned.

Thus with the popular backing of APC officials, activists, loyalists, supporters and teeming party faithfuls a supremely confident Abe Senator Magnus sent isolated, autocratic and vindictive politicians packing from the Rivers State APC, which left the defrocked Minister with no other viable option than to form a renegade and illegitimate APC faction that has been roundly rejected by the courts time and time again.

Thus at the end of the day, the Distinguished Senator Magnus Abe; seasoned technocrat, consummated administrator, legislative avatar and democratic populist par excellence is a key figure of the immense benefit millions of Riverians and Nigerians at large are basking in now. To God be the glory.


By Comrade Austin Asadu of the legislative writers forum


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