Seeking Justice for #EndSARS Victims

Nigerian Senate Takes a Step Forward with Compensation Bill

In a significant development, the Nigerian Senate has passed a bill for second reading, aiming to compensate victims of the #EndSARS protest. Sponsored by Senator Gershom Bassey (PDP, Cross River), the bill garnered support during the plenary session held on Wednesday.


Recalling the #EndSARS Protests and Their Consequences

Reflecting on the Nationwide Struggle Against Police Brutality

Recall that the #EndSARS rallies that shook Nigeria in October 2020, initially organized to protest police brutality. Unfortunately, the movement took a violent turn when it was hijacked by hoodlums in certain parts of the country. Tragically, innocent Nigerians and policemen lost their lives, and public and private properties were destroyed.

Presenting the #EndSARS Victims Compensation Fund

Senator Bassey Advocates for Justice and Support

Senator Bassey, leading the debate on the bill’s general principles, highlighted its objective—to establish the #EndSARS Victims Compensation Fund. He emphasized the need for compensation for verified victims and the discouraging delay in implementing recommendations from the judicial panels of inquiry and the Senate Joint Committee on #EndSARS.


Addressing the Plight of Victims

Offering Relief and Redress to Those Affected by Violence

According to Senator Bassey, victims continue to suffer from injuries inflicted by hoodlums during the protests. He expressed hope that the establishment of the Compensation Fund and the implementation of panel recommendations would provide much-needed relief and justice for the victims of the nationwide #EndSARS protest in 2020.


Moving Forward with Support and Unity

A Call for Senate Support and Swift Action

Senator Bassey appealed to his colleagues for support in passing the amendment bill, which aims to bring hope to the victims of the 2020 #EndSARS protest. He urged the Senate to provide the necessary backing for this crucial step toward justice and healing.

Progress and Next Steps

Senate Committee on Special Duties Takes the Baton

Following the debate, Senate President Ahmed Lawan referred the bill to the Senate Committee on Special Duties for further legislative input. The committee is expected to provide a comprehensive report within one week, bringing the compensation bill one step closer to becoming law.