Senator Ali Ndume of the Borno South Senatorial District, known for his witty remarks, has humorously declared that he should not be held accountable if Godswill Akpabio fails to meet expectations in his new role as the Senate President. Let’s dive into the comical yet thought-provoking exchange that took place on Channels Television’s Politics Today.


A Witty Response: Ndume’s Perspective on Individual Responsibility


When confronted with the question of whether Akpabio’s performance would reflect on him as one of his endorsers, Ndume swiftly responded, “Hold your horses! I’m not Akpabio, folks! Even before God, Akpabio will have to account for his own actions, and I’ll account for mine.” Ndume, with his characteristic charm, made it clear that he should not bear any responsibility for Akpabio’s actions in his new position.


No Obligation to Guarantee Success: Ndume’s Hilarious Disavowal


As the Majority Leader of the ninth Senate, Ndume openly admitted, “I did say he’s the best, but if he turns out to be the worst, don’t point your fingers at me! How can you hold me accountable? I didn’t twist anyone’s arm to vote, you know. I believe he’s the best, but hey, the future is uncertain. I can’t predict that!” With a dash of wit, Ndume made it clear that he cannot be held responsible for Akpabio’s performance.


The Basis of Expectations: Ndume’s Amusing Insight


Ndume shed light on the foundation of his expectations for Akpabio’s performance, stemming from their four-year acquaintance. He playfully highlighted Akpabio’s previous role as a minority leader while he served as the majority leader, emphasizing his intelligence, passion for certain issues, and ability to transcend tribal affiliations. Ndume further noted that Akpabio’s background as a qualified lawyer, minister, and commissioner added to his belief in Akpabio’s ability to meet the expectations of Nigerians.