In a message to her constituents in Jos, Senator Nora Daduut called on Christians to imbibe the teachings of Jesus Christ and promote peace, unity, progress in their conduct and relationship with others during the Easter celebration. She reminded them that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ give hope to a world in need of physical and spiritual healing.


The Senator emphasized the importance of practicing virtues such as sacrifice, patience, love, and abiding faith to enable Nigerians to have a better tomorrow, which has been symbolized in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. She encouraged Nigerians to remain committed, faithful, and hopeful while supporting the All Progressives Congress (APC).


Senator Daduut expressed her confidence that the incoming administration of President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu would massively transform Nigeria with his economic blueprint, which would put the country back on track for rapid economic growth and development. She assured Nigerians that an APC-led administration by Tinubu would bring prosperity and stability to the polity.


As Christians celebrate Easter, the Senator wished them a successful and hitch-free celebration. She also pledged to prioritize the interests of her constituents over other considerations while in the Senate.


The Easter message from Senator Nora Daduut serves as a reminder to Nigerians to promote peace and unity, imbibe the teachings of Jesus Christ, and practice virtues that can lead to a better future for all.