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Smart Attitudes of an Entrepreneur

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As a typical Nigerian entrepreneur, you would often realize that in fact, the environment or the economy could take a toll on you. Sometimes even personal issues or so could wear you out. Remember that you were born to be a problem solver, even in all ramifications of life. Challenges are an avenue for creativity but you have to be clever in areas such as;

• Exploring possibilities: In every aspect of life, there are challenges and problems. The entrepreneur is never weighed down by this. But rather feels intrigued by proffering solutions.

• Taking calculated risks: The smart entrepreneur is always kept abreast with social, economic and financial information that is relevant. He or she doesn’t just follow the heart to divulge into the unknown world of business. Sometimes, it’s best for the heart and head to work in synchrony.

• Identifying possible solutions that are effective: This is just after exploring possibilities.Nigerian youths

• Evaluating the possible best solution: With all the business wittiness inborn and acquired, the entrepreneur critically evaluates the POSSIBLE BEST SOLUTION striking out the unnecessary even if they seem to appear promising.

• Emotional intelligence: The entrepreneur knows that this is a weapon of necessity. Being smart and intelligent doesn’t entail that all will be perfect. There will be moments of dissatisfaction. Nonetheless, when emotional intelligence is nurtured to maturity, he or she should be able to handle shortcomings as best as possible.

Barriers to creative thinking are negativity and inaction. You simply avoid every form of negative assumptions permitted by you through the medium of your mind.
When things go kaboom! Or there’s an onset of mental block, don’t be overwhelmed In addition to that, there a simple ways of overcoming barriers to creativity


Play games: Find fun in whatever you do. It’s a form of mental relaxation.

Brainstorming: with friends or just anyone you’re comfortable with
Imbibing a culture of self discipline: Always keep yourself informed. Attend seminars, workshops that will build you. Have a hunger and thirst for knowledge. After gaining some information, apply your cumulative knowledge to situations that require your intellect. This is wisdom.

• Business should never be as usual.
Take a turn to do old things in a new way. This is if you are prone to easily getting bored at redundant routines.

Seek for adventure: Setting achievable standards and aiming for something better than the last. This could be a measure of the growth of your capabilities.

Relaxation of body, and mind: Through meditations, you get in touch with yourself. Silence is golden. Inspirations come to mind during these moments. Avoid activities or any forms of relationships that drain you of energy leaving you mentally tired and emotionally and psychologically stressed. Stay healthy.

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