Students Forgotten by the Ivorian authorities


According to some students surveyed, they would be left behind by the Ivorian authorities. Unlike Chadian, Nigerian and Gabonese students who benefit from support and supervision from their Embassy or Consulate on site, Ivorian students are almost orphans. No administrative structure in charge of monitoring and providing assistance in case of need. A situation many expatriates regret. So they have developed an active solidarity between Ivorians in dealing with cases of illness or miscellaneous problems. This emptiness is also filled by associations that bring together all Ivorians in Burkina Faso within them. The union of Côte d ‘ Ivoire citizens in Burkina Faso (Ureciib) and the Student s’ Association in Burkina are the most representative. Political differences sometimes affect their functioning. The presidency position caused a lot of ink and saliva in 2009. Two groups were arguing about it. It completes convincing some Ivorian citizens that reconciliation remains a challenge for the current authorities.

Satisfied with the training.

Despite the problems faced by students, some do not hide their joy of continuing their studies in Burkina Faso. Coulibaly Adama student at Aube University New ex ISIG says he is very satisfied with his training in accounting audit. Many students don’t praise about their training and hope like their forefront of finding work in the country. Some people are thinking of inserting into the professional fabric of the host country. Amani Koffi is a manager at a bank of the place. After studying at, the Burkinabe Institute of Arts and Trades (IBAM), he easily integrated a bank where he makes a living properly. He plans to stay there because his partner is Burkinabe. These cases are rare. Most of them return to their country after school to embrace a professional career, either in public or private administration. Hailé K. works at the Ministry of Transport in Ivory Coast. Joined on social media, he admits he doesn’t have problems having a job after his training at a higher school in Burkina Faso. The University of Ouagadougou is well known and this is an advantage for us who have been trained in the land of integrity men, he continues. It is ranked 18th in the top 100 African universities by Web Ranking, a foundation of the Reuters group, in 2015.

A positioning that sparks a particular interest in foreign students, Chadians, Nigerians, Togolese, Gabonese, Central African… In addition to the quality of teachings, Ivorians are fascinated by the cost of living. We can stay at a lower cost compared to Abidjan. A student looks forward to the amenities of her house located at La Paw d ‘ Oie, a neighbourhood that adjoins the most huppé neighborhood, Ouaga 2000: ′′ My friends and I live in a three bedroom villa with all the amenities that costs us only CFA 100 a month “, says Mariam Fofana. But not all live like pachas. Some people pull the devil out of the tail. ′′ I had to give up my studies to get into active life to my body defending because of lack of means “, shade Aguiha Patrice, an informal worker. For him, the state of Ivory Coast should watch over its students outside, as they are tomorrow’s next generation.

Box 1: Ivorian girls invest Burkinabe maquis

The socio-political crisis that shook Cote d ‘ Ivoire for ten years has led to the immigration of young Ivorians to other countries in the West African sub region. Burkina Faso has become a place of convergence for young Ivorian girls. A real network has gradually formed for the placement of these girls in the lime places of the capital Ouagadougou and some cities from within. Anguished by meaningless promises, these girls are sometimes forced to engage in prostitution to cope with the difficulties they face daily in their host countries. Much appreciated by the promoters of these entertainment spaces, Ivorian girls delighted the star to Burkinabe girls and other nationality. Looks like they are popular by men who say they are very seductive and unmatched in bed. This migration flow did not leave Ambassador ‘ Abdou Touré who had in his time shot the alarm bell.


NB: Article written as part of a Master’s year exercise with journalist Moussa ZIO (RCI).


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