Sure Sign You Are Settling For Less In Your Relationship


To the strong bold beautiful Nigerian women and capable respectable gentlemen out there who have standards and are good wives, husbands or partners. Do you feel like you don’t get the respect and love you deserve? Have you ever wondered if your self-worth or esteem is on a low, and perhaps, you are thinking about the stakes you hold?
When you settle for less than you deserve in a relationship there’s a sure sign of it which is…

Rewarding a partner or spouse for cheating:
Be it emotional, physiological, textual or physically cheating. When you blame yourself for being the reason that (s)he cheated on you, after making conscious effort of being in tune with your relationship, then there is a big problem.
If you value your health and yourself knowing that you do not deserve an ill treatment, why reward him as if he’s been a ‘good boy’ or ‘nobody fine pass’ her.
Asides from speaking up and expressing your emotions in a healthy way, there is a tip I can give you for free if you have this issue.
Consistently remind yourself of how high valued you are and what made your partner have the hot pants for you in the first place.
This is about respecting yourself and your partner in whatever circumstance you may find yourself. If you’re into romance, rekindle that flame. If you also feel like the connection between you both is waning, consciously make effort to address it in the best form of communication that appeals to your relationship.