In a hilarious turn of events, Sweden has firmly refuted rumors suggesting that it has recognized sex as a sport, quashing the sensational news that had gained international attention.

Anna Setzman, the spokesperson for the Swedish Sports Confederation, issued a statement categorically denying the claims, asserting that they are false and aimed at tarnishing the reputation of Swedish sports and the country itself.

Setzman clarified, “The Swedish Sports Confederation wants to draw attention to the fact that false information is currently being spread by some international media outlets, alleging that a sex federation has become a member of our organization.”

According to the Swedish Sports Confederation, an individual named Dragan Bratic, who identified himself as a member of a sex federation, applied for membership. However, his application was promptly rejected in May.

The whole drama appears to have been orchestrated by Bratic, who owns multiple strip clubs and harbored the desire to have sex classified as a sport. In January, he submitted his application to become a member of the confederation, igniting the unfounded rumors.

Setzman emphasized, “Let me be clear: there is no Sex Federation that is a member of the Swedish Sports Confederation.”