At some point in 2021, Nigeria may default on its humongous loans despite the insouciant noise emanating from the government.

No one there is thinking about this or carrying out any scenario planning on what to do or mitigate the fallout.

They are too busy scheming for “2023” to have a thought about the country they claim to lead.

The politicians in the opposition are not doing any better, they are busy screaming on top of their lungs “Southern Presidency”  and “Igbo Presidency” as if any of such  ” Presidencies” changed the everyday lives of the fisherman at Otuoke, the woman selling garri in Otta and or the trader trying to eke out a living in Katsina .

The more things change: the more it stays the same.

Elites invest in castles 🐄 empowers the Nomads with advanced rifles to protect themselves as they move. Hence the incessant killings on a large scale.

How can a distorted system cope with the dangers from an uneasy state; international humungous loans, Insurgents and inhumane homicides, 2023 political zoning, youth unrest?



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