The Consenting Choice of Cheating


When you ask ‘why do (wo)men cheat?’ Always remember that cheating is a choice and that’s the pride and prestige of it-being that it is a CHOICE.

You see, just as stolen meat is sweet, that’s how a cheating partner savors his or her actions in his or her secret thoughts. Cheating is premeditated, planned for, executed and even kept a secret from a partner.

But why would someone you love, cherish and even trust do something as grievous as that to you as a partner. Fact is you don’t have to react to someone who cheated on you knowing fully well that your illusion of an absolute monogamous relationship is broken. You are not the problem. Rather ask yourself these simple questions;

  1. Do you really need another person to feel complete?
  2. What is it that you really want with your life rather than doing something stupid like them?
  3. What is the nature of your life at the moment?

You should know that YOU are a complete piece of life in itself. Probably it’s this mentality of this wholeness that makes some women condone her cheating husband and advising others to tolerate a cheating partner. What these women don’t tell you in fact is that the hurt they feel was an opportunity that their partner opened up for them on a spiritual dimension which they cannot explicitly explain.

So, does this mean you should tolerate a cheating partner? No. There is also no need antagonizing (wo)men endure their cheating partners.

So condoning a cheater is a choice and if you think of punishing them then, you are only on a pathway to stress which on a long run will wear you out.

The cheater in action will surely get the karma they deserve. Why not relax and be calm knowing that all things work out well for them that believe and stay calm.

If you look at it closely, when someone cheats on you, it is a great opportunity that (s)he has given you, pushing you towards ultimate reality from a state of illusion believing that relationships are absolute. They truly aren’t.


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