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Ensuring a camaraderie in all depositions we find ourselves


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Every living being-as long as you are breathing, has a skill and a gift. Coming from an optimistic point of talk, lets delve into this topic. There is this widespread mentality among youths, especially among those who just finish serving the nation, that there is no ‘job’ in Nigeria. They’d rather go through inhumane ways to get to a greener pasture within and outside the country. You will notice this eagerness and agility and most of all, the reek of desperation to get out of Nigeria by all mean.

To an extent, you cannot blame the youth. Who knows the extent of disappointment they’ve been served by our economic and welfare system? The strong belief that they will make it only overseas is so convincing that you wonder if it’s that easy.
Why don’t we settle at one point only which is being an opportunist? An opportunist is simply one who drinks up the water in the glass while the optimist and pessimist argue about it being half empty or half full. Nigeria is ours. Yes, we’ve been through the good the bad and the ugly. What have you to show for it that you are a survivor and not just a mere victim?
No Job
In the recent event of the closing of our borders by President Buhari, everyone had a different opinion about it. The naggers complained as if all hope was lost. Those who weren’t aware didn’t not even feel the thrill of it. Those who were affected were left with a choice between forging on and seeing the brighter side of it or breaking down feeling all hope was lost. I will bet that there were some Nigerian who saw an opportunity in this turn around. To an extent, we as Nigerians needed this tough tide. It brought out the best of some farmers, traders and even the businessmen.

The idea of being a Jack of all trade, and master of none, is not a bad idea. Self-development is key and is a choice. Make lemonade out of lemons. I am not against the idea of aiming for a white collar job. It is a system on its own. What you have inside of you will always be yours. Why don’t you turn your skill, passion or idea into something that will not only benefit you, your community or society but the nation as a whole. If you do not succeed, do not blame anyone but yourself for allowing yourself be your own pity partner.

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