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The One I Called Hazel

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I’ll tell you a bit about him,

He was a king of hearts, and No, I wasn’t caught up in some “Zee world” fantasy,

His eyes, a beautiful brown, that when he smiled, they seemed to light up from somewhere deep inside,

His laugh was more of a musical in a box, and when he called my name,

My heart freezes, then restarts in a frenzy, He was my favorite, my essence,

Even when he stopped calling,

I wasted the whole day at the phone booth trying to call, but he never picked,

Oh! Did I mention?

He was so inhumanely beautiful that I thought him to be an angel,

He was love, scratch that,

He was life,

He made my soul shiver in joy with no bounds when he pulled me close,

It is said that no one dies twice in a lifetime,

But now, as this tears flow uncontrollably,

I realize that at the end of our little game, someone did die,

I still question myself if I was sane when I loved you,

So, I’m just here, wallowing in sorrow at my first death in a lifetime.

While you’re out there kissing her in the moonlight,

Like we used to…

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