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Thomas Sankara by African Artists

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We no longer count the songs that fuel the legend of Thomas Sankara: Ivorians Alpha Blondy and tiken Jah fakoly, Senegalese Sheikh Lô and awadi, Nigerian Fela Anikulapo Kuti, all celebrated the President-soldier and continue to see in him no Only a revolutionary hero, but also a model to move the lines.


“When you murdered Thomas Sankara, you killed me”, pounding Jah Fakoly in one of his new songs. In his albums for (2007), 3TH DOSE (2016) the Ivorian reggae man refers to the former president who turned the upper volta into “Homeland of integrity” – Translation of the current name of the country in Mooré language.


The King of African reggae alpha Blondy reminds us in his song “Sankara” that the iconic head of state was killed by his brothers in arms.


” it is not a chance if Sankara word comes back in force among youth. He has shown the way: Food Self-sufficiency, real independence, refusal of colonial policies.”, advance the iconic figure of African Hip-hop, Didier Awadi, who created a show called ” Presidents of Africa “, bringing together Figures that can be used as models for the next generations (Kwamé Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, etc.


Thomas Sankara loved the music and the musicians of his country did it well. From the revolution to the popular insurrection (period that brought back to the taste of the day some songs called by liberating) musicians have always magnified the President-guitarist. Its ideal continues to feed Burkina creators.


Pioneers (Jean Claude Bamogo, little singers with raised hands, pioneers of the revolution. ..) to the new figures of the fight (sams’ k the dja, smokey, Dick Marcus, Jah Verity, Zedess Seydou, Frere Malkhom, debademba… ), the anti-cultural movement continues to irrigate their creations. ” the idea that Thomas Sankara was defending is still current “, observed smarty, winner of the Discovery Award 2013, at the time of the release of his album ” Afrikan Couleurs “.


On the initiative of civil society and some cultural organizations, new platforms of this memory are also set up all over the continent.


Long Live Thomas Sankara!



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