In response to public criticism, the Tinubu administration has announced a revision of the N8,000 cash transfer program aimed at providing relief to vulnerable households affected by the recent removal of petrol subsidy.

Presidential spokesman, Dele Alake, stated that President Tinubu’s commitment to dialogue with Nigerians and prioritize their welfare and security under the Renewed Hope Agenda led to this swift action.

Originally, the government proposed a conditional cash transfer initiative granting N8,000 monthly for six months to 12 million households among the poorest of the poor. However, due to widespread criticism and doubts about the program’s effectiveness, President Tinubu instructed an immediate review of the cash transfer program.

Emphasizing that the cash program is just one part of a broader range of relief measures, President Tinubu directed the unveiling of the entire gamut of government palliative packages to Nigerians.

Alake assured that President Tinubu is a listening leader committed to prioritizing the well-being of Nigerians, irrespective of their ethnic, religious, or political affiliation. He also highlighted other recent policy revisions, such as the cancellation and suspension of burdensome taxes, as evidence of the President’s responsiveness to public feedback.

President Tinubu pledged to judiciously utilize the N500bn approved by parliament to cushion the impact of the subsidy removal, ensuring that the relief reaches all Nigerians in need. The President’s actions demonstrate his dedication to putting Nigerians at the heart of his policies and programs.