Setting the Stage for Growth


President Bola Tinubu addressed the nation on Thursday during the inauguration of the National Economic Council, emphasizing the challenging nature of solving Nigeria’s socio-economic problems. However, he assured Nigerians that he and his government would not relent in their efforts. After all, they were the ones who begged the nation to choose them during the 2023 general elections.


Dance for Development


Tinubu acknowledged the people’s desire for instant change and economic development, understanding the hardships they have endured for years. With determination and the collaboration of relevant bodies and institutions, the president expressed his commitment to achieving the desired economic growth for Nigeria.


From Potential to Pragmatic Progress


Highlighting the enormous task at hand, Tinubu stressed the need to tap into Nigeria’s growth potentials and foster pragmatic economic development at a rapid pace. He recognized the National Economic Council (NEC) as a crucial platform for articulating policies and programs to drive this progress. The expectations of the nation lie on the NEC’s shoulders, making it a verifiable source of hope for tangible change.


President Bola Tinubu’s unwavering dedication to steering Nigeria towards economic prosperity sets the stage for a transformative journey. With the nation’s growth potentials in focus, and the support of the NEC and other stakeholders, the vision of a pragmatic and thriving Nigeria becomes within reach. The dance for development, once fueled by promises, now calls for collective action and the embrace of growth. Together, let’s witness the magic unfold and uplift the nation to new heights of prosperity.