In a twist that had even the most serious oil executives grinning, TotalEnergies announced a momentous oil and gas discovery in the Ntokon field, nestled in the offshore OML102 of Nigeria. Brace yourselves for some belly laughs!


Offshore Marvel: Ntokon-1AX and Ntokon-1G1 Steal the Show


In the hilarious realm of shallow waters, approximately 60km off Nigeria’s southeast coast, the Ntokon-1AX discovery well dazzled with an encounter of 38 meters of net oil pay and 15 meters of net gas pay. But hold your breath for the showstopper—Ntokon-1G1 stole the spotlight by revealing a mind-boggling 73 meters of net oil pay in top-notch reservoirs. It’s oil exploration at its finest!

Pumping Success: Ntokon-1G1 Hits the Jackpot


The crowd erupted in cheers as Ntokon-1G1 flaunted its prowess, successfully testing up to a maximum rate of about 5,000 barrels per day of 40° API oil. It’s like striking oil comedy gold!


Bridging the Gap: Ntokon’s Plans for Existing Facilities


Just a stone’s throw away, approximately 20km from the Ofon field facilities on OML102, Ntokon has big dreams. The master plan? A delightful tie-back to these already existing facilities, ensuring a seamless integration of hilarity and productivity.


Promising Prospects: TotalEnergies Delights in New Tie-Back Development


With a twinkle in his eye, Nicolas Terraz, the President of Exploration & Production at TotalEnergies, couldn’t contain his excitement. “The Ntokon discovery opens a world of hilarity and promise for a new tie-back development,” he exclaimed. This comedic breakthrough, coupled with the success of the Ikike tie-back on OML99 in 2022, showcases the incredible potential of nearby exploration within TotalEnergies’ low cost, low emission strategy. Comedy and sustainability—what a dynamic duo!


OML 102: TotalEnergies and NNPC Ltd. Bring Laughter to the Offshore Stage


OML 102 takes center stage with TotalEnergies EP Nigeria, shining with a 40% interest, and its partner in crime, NNPC Ltd., gleefully clutching the remaining 60%. Laughter, oil, and great partnerships—what more could we ask for?