More than 374,000 people in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province have been impacted by heavy rainstorms triggered by Typhoon Khanun. As of noon on Wednesday, over 187,000 individuals have been relocated to safer areas within the province due to the adverse weather conditions.

Since August 2, 37 county-level regions in six cities of Heilongjiang Province have faced severe weather conditions, including strong winds, hail, and flooding. The torrential rains have resulted in damage to more than 258,000 hectares of crops in the region, which is a significant grain-production area in China. Additionally, about 23,708 houses have either collapsed or been damaged, and 149 bridges have been affected.

Meteorological authorities have issued warnings about Typhoon Khanun, which is predicted to bring more heavy rains, strong winds, and thunderstorms to eastern parts of Heilongjiang Province, as well as eastern and southern parts of Jilin Province. This weather pattern is expected to continue from Thursday evening to Friday evening. Weather forecasts suggest that some areas in Heilongjiang may experience precipitation levels of 90 to 110 millimeters during this period.

The continuous rainstorms have led to saturated soil in the affected regions, increasing the risk of flooding and other meteorological disasters. Local authorities have intensified their response efforts to prepare for potential flooding and ensure the safety of residents. The relocation of individuals to safer locations is being carried out to mitigate risks associated with the ongoing adverse weather conditions.