In a groundbreaking initiative, Mr. Peter Ayeni, a Nigerian residing in the United Kingdom (UK) and a tech expert, is all set to unveil an innovative platform called “Tech-Clarity.” This platform aims to train Nigerians interested in venturing into the ever-evolving world of technology.

During a news conference held in Abuja over the weekend, Ayeni, a seasoned senior software engineer in a leading UK company, unveiled his vision behind the Tech-Clarity coach. He emphasized the growing significance and influence of technology in every sector of the economy, highlighting the tremendous demand for tech-related roles. These roles offer enticing prospects for problem-solving, innovation, and impressive earning potential.

Ayeni acknowledged the challenges faced by individuals looking to transition into a tech career, particularly those without a background in the field. He identified three key target groups who can benefit from Tech-Clarity: aspiring professionals starting their careers, individuals seeking to change careers, and those aiming to leverage technology in their current roles.

Ayeni explained that the Tech-Clarity coach seeks to eliminate the obstacles and demystify the process of shifting to a tech career. The comprehensive program covers various aspects, including understanding the tech job landscape, assessing personal skills and interests, navigating the job market, acquiring essential tech skills, and building a professional portfolio to thrive in the exciting realm of technology.

The primary objective of Tech-Clarity is to provide individuals with a valuable resource that empowers them to make informed decisions and equips them with the necessary skills and tools for a rewarding tech career. Ayeni emphasized that the platform will enhance awareness of the diverse array of roles available within the tech sector and the specific skills required to excel in these roles.

Ayeni further highlighted that Tech-Clarity will not only boost employability but also contribute to reducing unemployment by enabling individuals to successfully transition into a thriving and high-demand sector.