Umeå University is offering scholarships to international students who are bright, accomplished, and not citizens of the EU or EEA. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information on how to apply for the scholarships.

Scholarship Requirements and Instructions To be eligible for the Umeå University Scholarships for International Students, candidates must meet certain requirements and follow specific instructions. In this section, we will provide detailed information on eligibility and requirements.

Types of Scholarships Available Umeå University awards scholarships to academically gifted and accomplished students, which include tuition waivers. The tuition fee is entirely or partially waived for chosen candidates. Learn about the types of scholarships available in this section.

Important Information to Note When Applying When applying for Umeå University Scholarships for International Students, there are important details to note. Applicants will only be informed if extra information is needed, and the review process can take some time. Learn more about what to expect when applying in this section.

Eligibility for Umeå University Scholarships for International Students Candidates who are residents of a country not in the EU, EEA, or Switzerland, and have applied for master’s-level program studies before the deadline of January 17 and have paid the application fee by February 1, are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Learn more about eligibility in this section.

Selection Criteria The applicant’s academic accomplishments are the sole criterion for selection. A committee appointed by the Vice-Chancellor will choose scholarship candidates. Learn more about the selection process in this section.

Application Instructions Eligible students will receive an email with application instructions when the application form goes live. Only applicants with a priority 1 Ume University program or second-year master students at Ume University are qualified to apply for a scholarship. Learn more about the application process in this section.

English Language Requirements English language proficiency is a requirement for admission to courses and programs at Umeå University. Learn more about the English language requirements in this section.

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