Wed. Jan 29th, 2020


Ensuring a camaraderie in all depositions we find ourselves


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all the things we consider as norms today would become obsolete


One of my favorite artist of all time, “PASSENGER”; in a mix “GOLDEN LEAVES” made this remark;

“What’s left to say when u seem to have said everything……. Or what can we see when our eyes aren’t open”.

The first time i heard that song, I fell poles apart about it. My thoughts “you won’t have said everything because you are presented with only a few words per time……

Open your eyes if the eyes aren’t open, except you’re blind, then you could use your other senses to replace sight.

Thus, there’s no need to be overtly self-conscious by a temporal situation.

For all of you that take life too serious, Don’t!  There’s no need to be bothered about a reason in a stare,

how many times she wore that gown in a week, or what people could think of you. Believe me!

These annoying thoughts are the reasons for a timely wrinkle.

I was asked to get married so as to establish a legacy and I wondered if we were in an imperialist system. Well! My response was sincere….

“Truth is I’m not against procreation but I think it’s only natural to put my purpose of being in motion before establishing another purpose driven adventure by procreation”.

In closing, all the things we consider as norms today would become obsolete.

We don’t have to pay too much attention on things that would wear off eventually, when you see something worth dying for you’d know.

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