In a previous post Unorthodox, I defined love as a one way street.

But since my definition seems opaque and deep I’d break it down further.


In the past few years after my last post about this fruity topic,

I curated a hypothesis out of past and current occurrences and I came to these few conclusions:


It really doesn’t matter who made a pass at you (whether it’s the guy or the girl)

If the end game both parties find a common need for each other’s affection is a bullseye. (It’s as simple as that)


Carefully define what you want from each other (ignore shame)

Sometimes this could be termed rude if you’re too blunt. So be coy and always observe your partners body language then ease him/her to it. (Don’t be a maniac)


It’s becoming a folklore when you hear “If you love someone let them go, if they come back they be yours”

I think this saying has been taken too literally.


If you want to let your man/woman go to the arms of the heathen, first of all you dated your partner and you know he/her weaknesses and sometimes you’re unsure.

So letting them go (according to the folklore) has answered you in some ways based on your knowledge about them.


One of the underlying factor that influences unfaithfulness in relationships is ownership.

The fact you both exchanged affections for each other doesn’t mean these feelings cannot change.

Don’t keep an excessive watchful eye on your partner, accusing him/her on every turn.


Love completely, give your best to the most undeserved or unaware. Let this be your routine.

Give your heart out and understand that there’s a risk you’d be heartbroken.


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