Eric Braeden, the popular actor who plays the role of Victor Newman on “The Young and the Restless,” has recently opened up about his cancer diagnosis. Braeden, who is 82 years old, is one of the most famous actors in daytime television. He shared the news of his health in a video on social media, urging older men to be vigilant about their health.


Braeden explained that he noticed an issue with his prostate while recovering from knee replacement surgery. He had a frequent urge to urinate, which led him to see a doctor. The doctor recommended a catheter and a new bladder treatment procedure. However, Braeden was unable to urinate even after the catheter was removed, so he was taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.


It was there that Braeden was told he had cancer by the doctor who treated him. The doctor also revealed that he had learned to speak English after moving to the US from Vietnam by watching Braeden on the soap opera. The surgeon planned to remove the cancer and perform a UroLift procedure to relieve the pressure on Braeden’s urethra.


Braeden underwent treatment and had both low-grade and high-grade cancer cells removed. He is currently receiving treatment that incorporates immunotherapy. Braeden assured his fans that he is okay and that the treatment is not that bad.

Braeden’s story is a reminder that early detection is crucial in fighting cancer. Men, especially those over 50, should be aware of the symptoms of prostate cancer and seek medical attention if they experience any of them. The importance of regular check-ups cannot be overstated.


We wish Eric Braeden a speedy recovery and commend him for using his platform to raise awareness about this important issue.