Virtue of Patience, Prayers in time of Adversity


In our society today, we are faced with many health, emotional, wealth, psychological challenges or trials. Unemployment, low pay, health distress, academic challenge and family brouhaha pose serious threats to our well being.

These can easily weigh an individual down leaving you confused about situations. In all these, the solution is not farfetched thinking that it is somewhere over the rainbow but rather, it is right in the palm of our hands.

Over the years, from research and study, those who experienced any or more of life’s challenges have uniformly said that the solution or best help lies in just two Ps; Patience and Prayer. What would you do in the time of adversities? Commit suicide if you are terribly sick? Steal if you are in dire need of money and food? Exterminate life if you seek power? Cheat because you want to pass an examination? All these can never be the answers to these problems, hence abort such thoughts.

To solve all these human, material and spiritual problem, patience has been identified in three forms you should consider.

  1. Be patient for avoidance of sins (do not do anything stupid or sinful)
  2. Be patient through acts of worship and obedience (obey God)

The second has more weight than the first because it entails worship and that is where prayers come in.

In summary, when faced with adversity, be persevering, steadfast and continuing striving hard in a positive state and rightful way. Then, pray, we all know prayers answer all somehow, someway. Pray and seek God’s help. This is the best and only help you can have through adversity.


Abubakar A. Zayd


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