A young Edo woman who was trafficked to Dubai for sexual exploitation has become the target of a deadly voodoo group known as Ayelala, which is threatening her with severe consequences if she fails to pay N5m to her alleged trafficker, Margaret Cole. The victim, who remains anonymous for security reasons, is sounding the alarm, warning of the dangers of human trafficking and the exploitation of vulnerable women.


The 21-year-old victim claims that her troubles began when Cole demanded the balance of N1.8m from her, having already paid N3.2m towards the N5m fee charged. When the victim’s colleagues revealed that the amount demanded by Cole was excessive and that most trafficked girls paid between N2m and N3m, she refused to pay any more money, prompting Cole to summon her before the voodoo group.


The victim has since received a threat letter from the Ayelala group, which is demanding payment of the outstanding balance by the end of 2023. The victim’s trafficker, Abiodun Ighodalo, has been arrested by the Ekiadolor Police Station near Benin after delivering the summon letter.


Despite paying N3.2m into Cole’s Polaris Bank account, the victim is still being targeted by the voodoo group, which poses a grave threat to her safety and well-being. Meanwhile, Cole denies any involvement in the trafficking of the victim or anyone else for sexual exploitation.


Trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation is a crime that should not be condoned or tolerated. It is imperative that law enforcement agencies take swift action to investigate and bring traffickers to justice. The victim’s case underscores the need for greater awareness and action to combat human trafficking, protect vulnerable women, and ensure that justice is done.


The incident highlights the urgent need for concerted efforts to combat human trafficking and protect vulnerable individuals from exploitation. It is crucial that individuals and communities remain vigilant and report any suspected cases of human trafficking to the relevant authorities. The fight against human trafficking is a collective responsibility that requires the collaboration and cooperation of all stakeholders.